We do live in an age of technology – no doubts about it. Everything is slowly getting digitalized in one way or another. But no matter how far the world goes, some gadgets will never be forgotten because they literally pioneered the way for more modern devices. Here are some of the main gadgets that changed everyone’s lives at some point or another.


Apple has definitely reinvented the music playing technology. People discovered the benefits of carrying a small gadget over large units like cassette players, walkman devices or CD players. The more advanced these things became, the more features they implemented. However, the first generation was the one that changed everyone’s lives.


Unless you are one of these modern millennial kids, you can probably remember those road trips with your family when your father had to stop by crossroads. All he wanted to do was pull out his A3 map, spread it over the hood and figure out where you were. He was looking left and right and eventually he did manage to get it right while your mother was the “copilot”. Today, you have a robot telling you what to do in real time. Besides, GPS devices are quite fun as well. You can download celebrity voices and have Morgan Freeman or Homer Simpson to tell you where to go.


Bluetooth is synonymous to technology. Simply put, it allows you to transmit information and data wirelessly, whether you connect television sets, computers or smartphones. You can also use your devices while you drive – hands free. Prior to this, everything had to go through a cable or some disks – what a nightmare!

Smart TV

Smart television has changed the way people watch TV. You no longer have to leave the room whenever someone rings the doorbell, come back and ask everyone what happened. You can just pause the film or game, then play it. Fast forward to real time in case nothing spectacular happened. You can also rewind and even record programs that you want to watch but you cannot – whether you are not home or you watch something else.


Most kids cannot understand the importance of smartphones because they grew up with them. But for an adult, switching from a classic bulky phone with buttons and perhaps a large antenna was amazing. You no longer use cellphones for calls and text messages only, but you can literally organize your entire life on one – workout programs, live television, real games, connections with most other gadgets and so on. All these – just one tap away.


Instant messaging was one thing, but when the webcam kicked in, people could talk and see each other in real time. Such technologies were quite popular in sci-fi movies, but that was pretty much it. Today, it is almost impossible to find a laptop or a smartphone without a built-in webcam that allows video calling. Simply put, the webcam allowed families and friends to keep connected over long distances. In fact, many companies also conduct their interviews over the Internet with this technology.

Digital Camera

Remember those times when you wanted to make sure you had a new film in your camera before a road trip or a holiday? It was because you never wanted to have a full film right before a photo shoot. If it was full, you had to get it developed in specialty stores and come back in a few hours. With the digital camera out, people learned that they can take pictures within seconds – countless pictures. They can be deleted, transferred and stored pretty much anywhere, while printing them is a matter of seconds. How convenient is that?

3D Television

3D television is one of those technologies that still require some improvements, but it certainly changes the way you watch TV these days. Whether you have a 3D TV or you head to a 3D cinema, you can literally stare at the screen and feel like you are in the middle of the action. Special 3D glasses are needed and it might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but you will experience the show of a lifetime.


Nintendo’s Gameboy was the first gadget most of today’s adults had in their childhood years. Everyone used to have one back then – ideal for school bus rides and bad weather lunchtimes. The graphics were not impressive, but the game play ruled. Moreover, the gadget became more and more sophisticated, so you could find certain models with hundreds of different brick games.


In the end, many youngsters are already familiar with these gadgets. However, they truly made the difference for those who actually had to switch from an old fashioned device. That is when the real benefits of these gadgets became obvious.