There are certain things you just do not do on your mobile in public. You do not like to watch loud videos when on the subway or play adult films while on the bus. The same rule applies to games. While they are not sexually explicit, some games are just not the type you play in public. So, what kind of games make more sense in your own privacy?

LoveLive! School Idol Festival, iOS
Ideally, you should watch a few episodes of the anime with the same name before you play it, only to become familiar with the characters and their stories. The so called rhythm game allows you to make a team of hot girls, bond with them and even scout new team members. The more you advance, the more things you unlock. As for the soundtrack, you will fall in love with it.

Arcana Heart 3: LOVEMAX, VITA
If you like fighting and you like hot girls, this is the game for you. It is somewhere between animes and fighting games. The good graphics add to the overall feeling, but it also has an interesting storyline. Each girl has her own unique moves. The little one will surprise you with her doodles that come to life and work as weapons. All in all, as nice as it is, you do not want someone watching you play it on a bus.

AquaPazza: AquaPlus Dream Match, PS3
Rated as a fighting game, this one brings in an overload of cuteness and hotness that you just cannot overlook. It is not based on anime style girls, but on famous anime girls who everyone knows. The cast of characters is amazing. As for the game mechanics, you will certainly get hooked in. The wide variety of characters and their unique moves leaves room for countless fights that will never seem repetitive.

Criminal Girls: Invite Only, VITA
There are more versions of this game. The best one? The Japanese version. Basically, you are in charge of a bunch of delinquent girls who obviously look good too. The only problem is they are a nightmare to control because they are abusive and uncooperative. Your only option is to go further than they do, whether you count whips or hot wax. The better you are, the better they will fight monsters for you. A bit embarrassing to abuse cute girls while on a subway ride, huh?

Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, Wii
Made by Nippon Ichi Software – better known for its amazing RPGs, this game will surprise you with its battling system. The action takes place in New York City, where you interact with your team members – all girls – in the attempt to keep the city under control. It is one of those games where you can choose the good or the bad. Also, try to avoid upsetting your team members or they are less likely to cooperate.

Monster Monpiece, VITA
At a first glance, a card collecting game like Monster Monpiece looks harmless. Then, what turns it into a guilty pleasure? Easy – the characters! In order to succeed in this game, you have to touch the characters and rub them. It is the only way to make them love you. The game itself is not offensive, but whipping out your gadget in a park to touch some random characters on the screen is not really appropriate – even if you only do it for their happiness.

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, VITA
The whole series is worth being mentioned, yet this release is probably the best. The series is quite open. You have a bunch of ninja girls with large bouncy boobs that fight with sexy noises. But apart from the sexy profile, the game is quite exciting to play and will hook you in right away. The mechanics, game play and graphics are excellent. There is also plenty of stuff to unlock as you advance, especially outfits for your ninja girls – even lingerie is included.

Pokemon Snap, N64
Pokemon Snap was irrelevant when it first came out, yet it becomes a big hit just a few months after the official release. The game was fun because it lets you interact with others in real life. Basically, you moved around trying to snap pokemons while others were looking at you taking pictures of totally random stuff. But since you had to get the pokemon’s face in the picture, center the frame around it and so on, it did teach you some good photography skills as well. However, stopping in front of an old couple on a bench in the park to take a picture of apparently nothing right next to her can be quite embarrassing.

Bottom line, some games are simply too embarrassing to play in public. Such guilty pleasures make small little moments count though, so feel free load them up whenever you have a moment of privacy.​