Prices of plane tickets to your favorite country have become more affordable compared in the previous years where travel is still considered a luxury. Today, you can now book your flights for your future travels because there are travel agencies who can offer plane tickets to the specified destination at an affordable price. All you need to do is to prepare the documents required if you plan to visit a country that requires a visa.

As you prepare your luggage for the trip, you are probably thinking of the things that you can bring in your short journey to a foreign country. For first time travelers, you will probably get astonished with the recent developments in the travel experience of many wanderlusts. Such innovations to anticipate in your travels are:

Portable Language Voice Translator
You have probably seen an advertisement on Facebook about a portable translator that allows you to translate what foreigners are saying in their native language – in real time. It is considered as one of the must-have if you’re a frequent traveler as this can perform real-time translation close to the exact meaning. It’s a pretty well-known fact that language is the number one barrier to be able to get to places you want to visit, but through this portable translator even ordering for your food will no longer be a difficult task to accomplish.
Electronic Luggage tags
With this latest technology specifically for frequent travelers, you can now check your luggage using your mobile device. The e-luggage tag is attached to the bag and displays the valuable flight information. It uses Bluetooth in which the data in the label can be transferred to the airport system, allowing the passengers to skip the queue at the airport. However, the electronic luggage tags are only available for passengers of the Lufthansa group who will be traveling with Austrian, Lufthansa and Swiss.

Alta Bicycle
The Alta Bicycle Share enables tourist to go around the cities with less worry about the commute time. An Oregon-based company uses vans to transport bicycles in various stations to ensure that there are bikes that can be used to commute here and fro the city.

Bitcoin ATMs
Since you cannot use your local banks abroad when you need cash, and you can’t just use your credit card for security reasons. The best backup resources when traveling abroad are bitcoin. Currently, Robocoin, an ATM for bitcoin can be found in 11 countries at present and still counting. Whether you lost your wallet or your card get stolen as you walk by the streets, you can even get the money you need through these ATMs by entering your phone number, your pin and verify its ownership with palm scan.

These are some of the latest innovation in the travel industry. Several technologies are still in the testing phase and soon will be released in the market for travel use. And by the time you’d decided to wander around the world, you might be able to experience one of the innovations mentioned in a full-scale application.