Traveling has to be not only safe but also smart. Only then will you be able to fulfill the goal of travel, which can be commercial or personal. One of the important factors contributing to smart traveling is gadgets that you carry. While a few are just impossible to miss, others tend to maximize convenience.

However, there are some gadgets that have advanced technology but are too cool to resist when it comes to traveling smart. They simply open up new technological scopes in the domain of traveling.

These smart devices or tools have actually transformed the way in which we explore or experience this world. Most of them are capable of overcoming some of the most irritating travel issues and keeping several things organized on the go. Some of them also are proving to be saviors. Here are these top 5 gadgets to consider.

Portable Washing Machine
How it would be to have a washing machine of pocket size on the go? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have such a mini washing machine that can wash and freshen your clothes with just two liters of water and a few drops of washing liquid? Well, all this simply happens within three minutes using the Scrubba wash bag.

Furnished with an adaptable washboard, this light bag fits into your bag to aid you in performing the laundry task anywhere while on the go. This is surely going to save much of your time. You will be happy to have it while camping in the U.S, backpacking through Europe, and while being on the off-the-beaten path in Asia.

Off-the-Grid Mobile Relay
While traveling, you are likely to come across many areas where there is no cellular service. In such areas, wouldn’t it be a boon to have a gadget that can relay messages from your iOS or Android been inoperative due to no network?

This is exactly what you can do with the goTenna device that aims to keep all these disconnected mobile phones connected while being off-the-grid. This durable, sleek, and mini device pairs with a smartphone using the Bluetooth technology.

This is why you can relay messages and location details quickly to the phones that are within four miles in an open region. The new version of this gadget is equipped with the groundbreaking mesh technology for networking. This technology passes the point-to-point range to send chats and broadcast messages.

Bottle-sized Water Purifier
It is a fact that most travelers are at the risk of facing health issues triggered due to unclean drinking water. As a smart traveler, you would certainly then think of some way to drink clean water. This is where an ultralight purifier, such as that of Grayl’s comes into the picture.

Shared like a bottle, such a purifier is portable but powerful enough to clean up any tap water to make clear the water of any natural source within only 15 seconds. Such bottles are likely to have a replaceable cartridge that acts as a purifier for almost 40-50 gallons of water. This cartridge defends you from all harsh elements such as heavy metals, viruses, and chemicals.

So, you are ensured of pure water itself in a drinking water bottle. This also saves your money on keeping a separate water bottle. This purifier is simply ideal for all types of outdoor adventurers, remote locations, and places with harsh conditions where tap water is almost unsafe.

Anti-Theft Backpack
Are you tired of theft happening because of your less safe backpack? Well, then there are many anti-theft backpacks to keep your things safe. They can protect them even from the shrewdest thief.

Usually made using a material that cannot be cut and featuring stealthy zipper closures as well as pockets, these advanced backpacks do not allow your belongings to go in unsafe hands. Some of these models also come with lit safety strips so that you can clearly and safely walk with it when traffic is nearby.

Some extra bonuses you get are an integrated USB port and balance aid. Consider anti-theft bags from brands such as Bobby, Zelp, Kretix, and Vibex.

These cool gadgets simply make your traveling more convenient as well as enjoyable. So, why not have them in your traveling bag?