compostaIt is known to all that technology has progressed to such an extent that a new creative idea crops up almost every day. With such advances, the number of cool gadgets is also increasing. Not to be surprised but many of these gadgets have started to embellish countless homes to change the lifestyle.

This is not an exaggeration but a new fact of life, which many people are experiencing. These gadgets are not just ornamental but are highly and unbelievably functional to resolve daily-faced issues or accelerate the daily productivity of the homemaker.

What is even more appreciable is the fact that they are simple to use and efficient to store in minimum space. Here are 5 such futuristic gadgets to consider for yourself when at home.

Wireless LED Bulbs
With this invention from Philips, you will be unable to resist to get out of the traditional wall switch. Such is the charisma of the ultramodern, intelligent lighting system over which your smartphone has full control.

A Wi-Fi device can push a dedicated app on your smartphone to manage this new lighting system. Through this app, you can remotely switch the bulbs on or off or schedule them for the same.

Well, these next-generation lights are also energy-efficient, which means you also save significantly on your power bills. You can even consider using them in your office.

Book Light
The revolution in the field of lights continues! Consider this gadget if your favorite hobby is to read books and you usually do so at night. With this light, you can now prevent disturbing your partner who is peacefully sleeping while you are reading.

This light is made especially for readers. It features an LED inside a plastic wrapper giving discreet light for fulfilling your reading requirements. It will take no time for you to clip the light to your book or adjust the viewing angle as well as brightness. You can even use it while in a plane or a train; it is portable!

Bediator Room Heater
This is the device that comes with a smart technology for keeping a cold room normal when it is truly harsh winter. Yes, it is a room heater but with a difference! Unlike conventional radiators, this one is power-efficient due to which you can save significantly on power bills.

Look wise, it is elegant; while functional wise, a flip transforms it into a bed. A single push from the slide makes it slide onto the floor. The digital screen gives details such as the current temperature and date.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Regarded as an engineering revolution, a robot vacuum cleaner will give you a true robotic experience when doing some cleaning for the upcoming festive season. The latest model is a 3D smart technology that can effortlessly sense as well as navigate all types of hurdles.

Many of these robots can quickly empty your garbage bin without any manual intervention. Then, you also get various types of modes for encompassing the diverse types of flooring. You can schedule these robots to do the cleaning while you are away from home; thanks to the clever time scheduling facility.


Solar Chaise Longue
This is perhaps one of the most creative gadgets to consider if you intend to relax after a tiresome day. It features a relaxation area in which you can relax. It is lit with a strip of light that works on solar power. Isn’t it a great idea to use it outdoors?


Eco Dish Wiper
This cleaner is a boon for those who do gardening around their homes. With the help of ultrasonic waves, this smart gadget not only clean dishes but generate compost. For cleaning, it works by ionizing the left particles. For making compost, it processes the food waste such that each particle left behind actually does not become waste.

The compost that you get is truly an eco-friendly soil. Most of these gadgets are compact and portable. They are actually changing the way we are treating trivial waste food. They operate on a solar-powered battery, which ensures you of energy efficiency.

These gadgets are simply going to make your lifestyle quite convenient as well as comfortable. So, which ones you will buy?